What Is Barefoot Running?

Barefoot running is something a form of exercise which has really blown up in the UK over the past few years. What exactly is barefoot running, and what does it mean for those who take part?

Natural Running: With or Without Running Shoes

The term barefoot running is another word for natural running. It is designed to take people back to running the way they used to; that is without a Shoe. However, many now opt for a newer technique of using shoes specifically designed to give the feel of running without them. The soles are so thin that the runner can still feel the track beneath them.

Running without Trainers was always the natural and expected way to run. Shoes had not been invented or they were unaffordable for some people. It has only been with modern day technology that comfortable soles and soft shoes have become an option for runners.

Offering More Health Benefits to Runners

It is believed that running barefoot can actually offer extra benefits to runners. The only downside is that the feet are not protected from cuts and bruises from the ground. This is why some people opt for the barefoot Running shoes.

These are specifically designed by Vivo to avoid the comfortable heel, which is often stated as the reason for repetitive strain injuries in runners. Runners no longer lead with their leads, and lead with the outsides of their feet or the balls of their feet like they used to.

What Does It Mean for Runners?

The main difference is that runners change their running style. Rather than placing the heel to take the impact, the majority of the foot takes it. This helps to avoid many of the impact injuries that runners can suffer from.

Barefoot running is becoming more of a popular sport. There are certainly health benefits, and it is a cheaper and more natural option for some; it takes runners back to the way people used to run.

How Companies Benefit from Interest Rate Swaps

As a business owner you certainly know that being your own boss comes at a price. You no longer have a company overhead to pay for liabilities, interest rates and fees on assets. There are financial derivatives available for business owners to help them cope with overwhelming payments. One of the most common derivatives is an over-the-counter (OTC) trade mechanism called Interest Rate Swaps (IRS).

IRS is when one party agrees to exchange their fixed-rate for another’s floating-rate. The IRS exchange the fixed-for-floating rates based on interest rated that are most commonly based on London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) interest rates. IRS are beneficial when company A wants to receive a payment with a variable interest rate and company B wants to limit future fluctuations on interest rates or to receive a lower interest rate than it could have received without a swap. IRS is most commonly used to obtain a lower rate but there are additional benefits for companies to utilise IRS for their business.

Risk Management

IRS is a strategic method for companies to manage risk with their debt or in their investment portfolio. A company can reduce the risk of variable interest rates for fixed rates. A party that is interested in increasing profit will take the risk of a floating interest rate and thus both parties can benefit by matching the interest rate for their needs.

Comparative advantages

This relates to IRS for lower rates. Companies can often receive a fixed or floating loan for the best rate but that might not be the type of financing that they are looking for. For example, if company A can receive a loan for a low 5% but they need a floating rate payment they can swap with a company that has a better rate on a floating rate but needs to make fixed payments. The Swap Rate could be beneficial for both companies’ preferences.

Foreign Exchange Controls

Countries have to enforce regulations on currency swapping to help guarantee economic security of their domestic currency and to avoid devaluation. However, these regulations create obstacles and limits on a company trying to convert a foreign currency. Interest rate swaps are beneficial for both larger and medium sized companies to avoid foreign exchange controls and currency trading interest rates.

In short, Swaps allow banks; investors and companies take advantage of different types of loan agreements without breaking the rules on their liabilities or assets. Swaps are a useful method for businesses to manage debt more effectively and cost-efficiently. The value being that debt has both a fixed or floating rate and the interest rate sway can help a business obtain a comparative advantage. Swaps are typically used on a bigger scale but can be beneficial for even the smallest business. It is important that you remember there are risks involved and you should meet with a London Clearing House to make sure that you are not on a losing side of an interest rate swap.

Five Suggestions When Buying A Home

The desire to buy a house is naturally quite different from the desire to find a property to rent. Most of us understand this. As you try to find property to buy, you’re naturally assuming a much larger responsibility than you would as a renter. There are also a number of considerably more serious factors at play with buyers as opposed to renters.

If you’re trying to buy a house for the first time, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. Of course, you can apply the same thought to those who are looking to buy a house for the second or even third time. With the idea of hassle-free keenly on your mind, there are several things you can do to make the process of buying a home as straightforward as humanly possible.

Buying a Home Tips

You want to find property, and you want to buy a house. The most important thing to keep in mind is that buying a home is rarely completely free of stress. There is bound to be a hiccup or two along the way. No matter where in the U.K. you might be trying to buy you new home, there are nonetheless certain things you can keep in mind to make things easier on you:

  • Stay away from sleeper costs: We were talking about the differences between renting and buying a home earlier in the article. Sleeper costs are definitely one of those stark contrasts between the two. Utilities and property taxes are two good examples of this. You need to be aware of all expenses at all times.
  • Love is not the answer:  It’s natural to really, really like the home you’re ultimately going to buy. However, love is also an emotion that can severely impair your ability to make the best decision possible. Love can lead you towards making a very poor decision. In the end, love is fine to a certain degree, but you ultimately want your instincts to win out.
  • Check out the home beforehand: Before committing to the purchase of your home, have a professional home inspector look things over from top to bottom. This means spending a little money, but it’s worth it.
  • Bidding is a science: Above all else, don’t outbid yourself.
  • Learn about the area: test out your commute from home to work, and find out how far you are from things.

Using PPC to Market Your Fashion Store

If you have an online fashion store then you are probably aware of how competitive the market is and with increasing eCommerce you have to be extremely strategic with online marketing and advertising.  One way for a fashion store to compete against established-brands as well as emerging fashion websites is through Price Per Click (PPC) marketing.

What Is PPC?

According to an SEO Agency London, PPC is a form of Internet advertising where the advertiser pays a fee for each time the ad is clicked. PPC “banner ads” are shown on websites and search engine results that are relevant to your fashion store. PPC revolves around keywords to reach your potential clients. Therefore, keywords should be chosen with absolute efficiency for the highest results.

Therefore, when somebody searches “London Fashion” your fashion store can be shown as a banner across the Google search engine results which will directly bring people to your website and familiarize them with your brand or fashion store.

How can it Help Your Fashion Store?

When it comes to fashion you are in one of the most competitive markets, but also one of the most lucrative. The key to getting loyal customers is providing a great selection, reasonable prices, and great customer service but in order to get customers you need strategic marketing that brings potential customers to your website.

  • Increase Traffic & Revenue: By using PPC banners across Google, ‘sponsored ads’ in search engines, etc. will directly bring more traffic to your website. This will result in direct revenue and more customers.
  • Highly Targeted Advertising: WWW.ASCENTLY.COM suggest that PPC is one of the most effective ways to get traffic to your website. With targeted clicks you can reach the right clients at the best times. You can have your ad shown whenever you think your customer is going to be searching for your fashion selections. For example, you can have “weekend sales” display ads on Thursday-Sunday; or if you are selling Christmas sweaters your SEO probably isn’t going to focus on Christmas wear but your PPC can.
  • Reach Your Potential Customers: PPC doesn’t just allow you to target time but also geographic targeting. If you want to target the entire world then you can, or if you simply want to target “London”” then you can do that. Whether you have a local, regional, or global brand you can target your area. 
  • Measure Results:There are numerous ways to keep track of the effectiveness with tools like Google Adwords that help you identify key phrases and keyword data statistics, which help you, get the most out of your investment. 
  • Learn about your industry. The fashion industry is always changing – there are new trends, new language, and new customers and it can be hard to keep up. You can use the data gained through “Search Query” reports that help you identify exactly what words people are using. This can also help you determine the popularity of products, trends, etc. which can prevent profit loss when stocking up on new clothing and accessories.

Although having great SEO content on your fashion store website is a very important strategy, you cannot overlook the effective results of PPC, and when you bring the two together your fashion website will see immediate results. PPC is an extremely cost-effective and efficient online marketing tool. It pays off to invest in a company that uses data to make revolutionary changes to your online PPC marketing. PPC Agency London delivers effective results by testing and analyzing your online presence and uses their results to guarantee a more effective digital marketing plan for your fashion store.

The proper PPC marketing can help your fashion store stand out from the rest by getting more traffic, recognition, and more customers.  PPC doesn’t only help bring more traffic to your website but helps you improve your language, products, and make your store more competitive in the fashion industry.

Inspecting Your Vehicle

Before going on a long trip or holiday which involves travelling by car (or van, motorbike etc.), it is a wise move to inspect your vehicle to make sure it is safe. Car Servicing can cost a fortune at times to simply perform an overall check on your vehicle. If you’re planning a road trip or simply want to examine the overall functionality of your vehicle to ensure it’s in top condition, it can be really important and financially responsible to understand how to inspect the interworking of your own vehicle which can also help your car pass its MOT Check.

Since every car or any other vehicle is different, there is no manual that covers every vehicle in one guide. Fortunately, many of the overall things you can inspect yourself are fairly universal from vehicle to vehicle. It’s first important to check your tires. You can purchase a small gauge tool that you insert into the small nodule on your tire when you add to them in order to check the tire pressure. Your user’s manual may contain a chart of acceptable tire pressure numbers and may also contain information about when to have a professional look over your tires. If using the services of a professional Car MOT company, you should use comparison web sites to find the best option for you.

It may seem obvious, but do an inspection on the outsides of each tire as well. Many overlook this step and regret it later. Often there can be foreign objects lodged into the ridges of the tires and can get stuck between brake pads or bust a hole in the tire. Remove any foreign objects carefully.

Next inspect all your head and tail lights. This may require a second person for help. Apply the brakes, flash the full beam, and turn on the emergency lights to make sure they are all properly functioning. You can also check the car’s oil quite easily. Pop the hood and look for the oil dipstick. Be sure to check the oil only after the car has not been running for at least twenty minutes. Use a clean rag at each swipe.

Inspecting your car can be quick and easy and is sure to save you from paying a high MOT Cost.

How to Choose From the Best Accountants for Your Company

Setting up your own business is an exciting time, but one that requires a lot of thought and precision, and one that would not be complete without the assistance of an accountant. Back when this blog was being set up, it would have been a wise move to hire accountants to help us with our finances. When you require the assistance of accountants, professionals are here to help you every step of the way. A new business venture is an exciting time, but only with the best accountant will you be able to ensure a fine profit.

When you employ an accountant, you are not throwing money away; the service they offer is something that you could not possibly do alone. Unless you are qualified in book keeping, then you will not be sufficiently knowledgeable to manage your own books, and even if you are, you will simply not have the time. So, the question is not so much whether you should employ an accountant, rather how to ensure that you employ the best professional for the job.

Accountants can be employed for your quarterly and annual tax returns, but more importantly they should be there to guide you with the running of your firm. You may choose to pay a minimum to simply submit your trimester returns, but what you really need to know is which areas of your business are holding you back, which are producing a sufficient turnover, and what tweaks would be necessary in order to run your firm to an optimum level.

The best accountants will take the time to show you how to run a business, guide you with your expenditure, and show you what type of mark ups you need to put on products in order to make a profit. If running a profitable business was simply buying and selling for a mark up, then life would be simple; however in reality there are plenty more figures that should be taken into consideration such as wages, overheads, and other expenses.

Your best accountant will show you what price you need to charge for your service or product in order to make an overall profit, how to go about organizing your company, and what you can do without in order to cut back initial costs. When you first set up a company, expect to work long hours for little wages, your hard work paying off as you began to create sales and get return customers.

Your finances need to be in order at all times in order to make a profit, and for this you will need to use the services of a good accountant in the area. Choosing from the many hundreds who will offer you their services can be a little tricky; but there are a few pointers that you can take note of.

Firstly, as a new business owner, keep your expenses down by employing a local accountant. Check out the local pages, surf the web, or simply ask around for recommendations. Lastly, check out their customer reviews before you take the plunge, all reliable firms being proud to show off their success. With these points in mind, and with all your energies behind you, it is time to set up your firm, with success clearly in the foreground!

Running Etiquette or How to be Polite while Running.

As I (Rose) and Delilah are keen runners, and we run a lot, and I mean a lot! we interact with other runners. And, well manners sometimes are very deficient in some fellow runners. So today will post a few things to remember while you are out there on the run :).

Running, as almost any other human activity, includes a social interaction. Want it or not, while running on the road, a specialized track, the treadmill or in a competition, there will be other people around you and you will need to think of them and what the impact of your running on them is – that your running trainers vivo does not give you omnipotence.  Here are some unwritten rules that every runner needs to keep in various situations.

If you are running on a track, make sure to remember where you have started for and that you have also been a beginner once. In other words, even if you are really fast now, do not behave as if the whole track is yours – respect the others on it, even if they impede your run or make you slower. So, as we already said earlier, never is it good to invade someone else’s personal space because you have running shoes, (UK or somewhere else, you should be polite).

If you are running out on the street and there is no track, keep in mind that the road is for everyone – including pedestrians and drivers, not only athletes. In this number, you are sure to see dads, mums, and their little angels with kids trainers, impaired people, old people, etc. You need to learn how to interact with them, even if it is only eye-contact or even if you will never see them again. After all, in some situations courtesy is what matters the most.

If, for example, you are running in a competition, make sure you are not running too close to the participant in front of you. This may cause you to touch their running trainers and the other person may fall down and be seriously injured, or, at least, with hindered participation on the event. If you try everything but can’t avoid the collision, make sure the other person understands you are sorry about this and you would like to apologize. Apologize even if it is not your fault, if they are polite, they will apologize, too!

And, of course, if you are running on a treadmill, make sure you are running silently. Yes, you are in the fitness to make the most out of your training, but there are other people for the same reason there, too, so they probably won’t feel like listening to your heavy breathing or breath techniques or striding over the treadmill with your running trainers.

To cut a long story short, try to always be polite and courteous when running, no matter where and when. If you are running on the track, try to make the running experience of others better by not messing with them. On the road, pay attention to the other participants like cars and pedestrians. When running in a competition, make sure you don’t interfere with other participants and keep a good distance from them. And of course, if you are on a treadmill, try to be silent and not to frustrate the others in the fitness center. If you follow these 4 tips, you will be obeying the running etiquette and no one will mind you running near them.  Get off the usual track and try a bit of barefoot running, see how good it feels.

How to prevent Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can cause a problem when drinking or eating something cold (like soft drink or an ice cream) and when brushing them. They become sensitive when the gums become swollen and pockets form, exposing the roots. I recently went to the dentist near me to find the exact reasons for sensitive teeth issues.

What can you do to combat sensitive teeth? Is there a way around it or do you have to deal with it for the rest of your life?


Cut Back on the Cold Stuff

 For now, cut back on the things that are causing your sensitivity. While this isn’t the end to your problems, it will really help you deal with them temporarily. This will mean cutting back on soda, cold drinks and cold food like ice cream. They may be your favourites but it will be worth it to avoid the pain!

If you really must drink them, use a straw. This prevents the liquid from hitting your teeth so you miss out on the pain. However, try to avoid soda as much as possible. The acid wears away your enamel, making the sensitivity worse.


Brush Your Teeth with Sensitive Toothpaste

 There are toothpastes available that will help deal with the issue. These can be bought with regular toothpaste and are made by different companies. You may have trouble at first with the cold water; if you need to, for a while brush with lukewarm water to avoid the pain.

Brush with a soft bristle toothbrush and do it with light pressure. Hard bristles will get into your gums and affect your roots more. Brushing hard doesn’t get rid of all the plaque and build-up; in fact, it can cut your gums and make them worse!


Visit Your Dentist Regularly

 There will be an underlying reason for your sensitive teeth. You need to visit your dentist regularly to find out what this is and how to fix it. Some causes are reversible while others you can only stop getting worse. You should visit at least once a year but your dental practitioner may want to see you more regularly depending on the problem. To find a clapham south dental practice close to you, try searching online. All you have to do is enter a search for your area (dentist islington etc).

Caring for your teeth is important. Not only does it help you have a natural, pearly-white smile but it will also protect your teeth from sensitivity issues. The good news is you don’t have to put up with sensitive teeth; there are things you can do.

Discover Your Individual Style With Handmade Jewellery!

Individual style is important to us because it’s an extension of our unique personalities, creativity and curiosity.  Aside from piecing together an outfit that features our favourite tones, textures and prints, handmade, gold and silver jewellery provides endless opportunities to build on our personal style as well.

Furthermore, selecting unique handcrafted pieces can yield countless gift ideas for special occasions.  Giving special handmade items to friends is a wonderful way to share your love of style with others, plus you have the opportunity to score amazing gifts tailor-made for your friends’ personalities and fashion tastes.

The Jewellery Search Is On!

Searching for the right go-to spots is part of the adventure of collecting handmade jewellery!  Go online to research the latest vendors, individual artists, and online shops to yield better choices in terms of aesthetic, craftsmanship, and material quality.

The internet has been a premier platform for handmade jewellery makers across the globe, which makes it an ideal starting point for your search.  Various marketplaces and sites like Etsy, connect millions of unique jewellery makers with prospective buyers, giving way to customised, one-of-a-kind pieces too!

You can also check online stores such as Ingenious Jewellery and nearby craft fairs to score quick handmade items without waiting days for shipping.  Perfect for last-minute gifts, take advantage of any local events where artisan jewellers come together to sell unique items like vintage-style bracelets, wood carved cocktail rings, or semi-precious gemstone pendants. You can even complete your gift purchase with a specially handcrafted jewellery box too!

Enhance Your Individual Style With Customised Pieces

Handmade jewellery can take your styling and accessorising to a whole new level.  It’s one of the best ways to score bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces that are literally tailor-made to harmonize with your wardrobe.  You can even purchase affordable customised jewellery made from various types of beads, fibres, hypoallergenic metals, vintage charms, and other unique materials.

Of course ordering customised pieces is one of the best ways to create memorable gifts for friends and family.  A customised handmade piece can perfectly accent your friend’s unique personality and individual style.  That’s why jewellery is so important to us; it reminds us of milestones in our lives, the people who gave it to us, and why we love individual style.

The next time you want to splurge of some fantastic new jewellery pieces, consider all the wonderful handmade options available to you!

Exciting Fashion Trends

Style in an ever-evolving, creative process for both designers and consumers alike. While it may be true that its interpretation is unique to every individual, it can’t be helped that some just pop out and make the bill for the year’s trendiest looks! Here we give you the lowdown on the fashion must-haves essential to every wardrobe.

The Year Of The Prints: Move Over Solid Tones!

One cannot deny that the classic black and white look will never go out of style. But this year our go-to monotones are being rivaled by striking graphic prints!  Various runways this year have showcased stripes, squares, floral designs, animal prints, pop-art fabrics, and eve more eye-catching prints for fashion lovers.

This year, it seems like UK designers have turned into true Picassos, turning plain canvasses into brilliant pieces of visual haute couture art; for example Henry Holland. Celebrities like Rose Byrne and Sienna Miller are frequent style icons who’re always first to showcase some these latest designer trends in prints.

And it’s not just tops, dresses, and skirts that are featuring these show-stopping prints, but pants, leggings, and accessories are all being adapted for the growing trend. Zoe Hardman and Jessica Szohr have both been spotted wearing floral-printed jeans this year.  Plus, floral prints are the perfect fit for spring and summer!

The Return of The Blazer

Every guy and girl should own at least one or two perfectly tailored blazers; this can help complete even the simplest get-up and transform it into club-ready wear for 2013! Blazers mesh well with almost anything. Play it up with a simple chiffon dress this year, or even pair it with a plain white shirt for a simple and fresh office look.  Talk about a way of turning your most generic outfit into an ensemble perfect for this upcoming season!

The timeless, formal and classic appeal of the blazer really adapts well to today’s interest in more ambiguous, unisex fashion.  To compete with the summer heat, fashion guru and TV personality Alexa Chung pairs a blazer with shorts and flats; while fellow fashion blogger Adam Gallagher suits up in different ways, instead opting for denim jeans or khaki shorts this year

Inspired By The Sea: 2013s Love Of Nautical Wear!

The easy-on-the-eyes, laid back vibe of nautical-themed outfits remains a hot trend in in the UK shores.  Usually an arrangement of stripes, khakis, and boatshoes, nautical inspired outfits are both stylish and comfortable.  Instead of pricey designer boatsshoes, you can also complete your nautical outfit with fun and flirty sandals, which are now growing on guys, too! Fashion icon Olivia Palermo is just one of the few who have truly mastered this look.  It’s important to keep this particular look simple, fresh and classy at best.

These are just a small sampling of today’s 2013 trends that aren’t exiting the limelight anytime soon. This season is all about having fun with fashion, so learn to play up, pair, and layer some of this year’s hottest prints and accessories